About A Life in Transition: Portraits and Commentary

This series of oil paintings consists of twelve portraits of two individuals as they physically transition to align with their gender identity over a roughly three-year period. Chris is a transgender male; Autumn is a transgender female. The paintings are accompanied by interviews I conducted with each person at the time of their portraits. The first interview examines their life history in regard to profound feelings that their gender did not correspond to their physical body, how this affected them throughout their life, and how they arrived at the decision to transition. Subsequent interviews consider their life experiences during the transition process. As an artist intensely interested in the human face, I was curious to see the physical changes that took place in each individual over time. I also wanted to understand why they felt compelled to change their lives so radically, and the emotional and physical repercussions of the transition. With this project I hope to communicate and foster a deeper understanding of the powerful imperative felt by many transgender individuals to do whatever is necessary to express their deepest selves in physical form.


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